Wishful list/Physics, motion triggers, camera, 360 bodies -live production features

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By dstone_44 - 3 Years Ago
List of Wishful Features:

Physics for Hair and or clothes
Animated Sprites for characters/ also that can be looped or continuous for live videos and/or looping during preview (ability to use prop as a sprite on character)
Motion trigger plugin - similar to iclone plug in that can be used in live videos to trigger animated movements
camera angle plugin or keypad triggerable camera movement
multiple scene or character switching (keyboard triggerable)
360 body creation and ability to use with mocap for live production similar to iclone - (g2 body (could be a psd layer build with all angles) + 360 head + mocap)

With a few more features I think CA4 has potential to be the ultimate live 2d platform especially with full body mocap potential.