Help with female character editing.
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By Kelleytoons - 7 Months Ago
Remember you can always bake any morph and then reapply.  So you can reduce the breasts, bake the morph, and reduce them again.  You could make them go almost completely away in this manner.
By Sp3c1alk - 7 Months Ago
Thank you. I was not aware that was possible.
By Sp3c1alk - 7 Months Ago
Ok, I am trying to use openshot and make a realistic reproduction if a female from photos. Openshot works greater than I could ever dream, however cc3 has a huge issue. I am using the base bodies that come with the package abd you can only shrink the breasts so much. The breadts are huge, even on the smallest setting for the person I am recreating and she will take offense. Any solutions without buying an additional pack?