iRay render constantly crashing
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By planetstardragon - Last Year
i believe there is an issue with how the memory is handled....
i'm finding that when my project is ready to be rendered,  before rendering I save...shut down the program,  then restart it just to render -   this is to flush out the memory that has all the undo data.   I also notice by simply leaving a project open for a long time without use -  ie taking a break and picking things up a few hours later -  also leaves the program unstable - so restarting the program is my current fix for all things crashes - at the very least to help isolate whatever other issues may be present - such as a potentially bad mesh from a prop i imported or a corrupt jpg.
By FallenNInja - Last Year
Is anyone experiencing a memory crash while using iRay? This started happening for me after the 1.4 update. Sometimes saving the project as new helps but recently it has stopped helping.

I have reference images posted here:

If anyone knows a work around or can tell me how to correct this issue it will be greatly appreciated as I have a project which is in the final stage but keep having iRay issues.
By FallenNInja - Last Year
The only way I was able to prevent this crashing was by removing hidden particle objects and rendering at 720p down from 1080p.