Edit Motion Layer and Spring Effects

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By jessicalcrichton - 3 Years Ago
Hi again. Thank you all for your ongoing help. It's really appreciated!

So this time, I'm trying to edit the motion layer to pull my character up to a standing position from a crouch. A message comes up saying it has spring effects and to add an "off" key to the spring layer, but it brings up the Edit Motion Layer box anyway, and lets me click around in it. However, IK Mode will work until I let the mouse click go, then the character bounces right back into his previous position. In FK Mode, the axis circles come up, but they won't move anything on the character. I've added the "off" keys to the spring layers as well, but the result is the same.

What do I do? Thank you again!
By drphealthmd - 3 Years Ago
I'm having this same problem. Did you ever find a fix?
By jessicalcrichton - 3 Years Ago
I did, but I have no idea WHY it worked. LOL I turned off the messages that told me there were spring effects, and restarted the program. For some reason, that worked and I haven't had an issue since.