What's New in Auto Setup 1.2 for Unreal

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By Miranda (RL) - 3 Years Ago
CC v3.4 and iClone v7.9 new generation scalp / facial hair (Smart Hair) features the Smart Hair Shader, Component Design, and the ability to contort with the expressions of the face, and also conform perfectly to different face/head shapes.  By installing Auto Setup v1.2, similar results in Unreal Engine to what one sees in Character Creator and iClone can be achieved.  Here are some test results, known issues and relevant workaround solutions.

Test Result

Strand Color (Root/End) adjustment in Unreal Engine:

Highlight Color adjustment in Unreal Engine :

Specular Direction (Reflection) adjustment in Unreal Engine

Know Issue 

Known Issue #1: Visual discrepancies with hair coloring.


Known Issue #2: Scalp / facial hair opacity are not visually identical. Unreal has a tendency to look more "rough".

Workaround: Increase Alpha Power to let the hair appear finer.


However, a side effect of this method is that the hair strands will begin to disappear as the camera moves farther away.  This side effect is exacerbated by higher Alpha Power values.


Known Issue #3: The hair inside Unreal will look more translucent.
Solution: Lower the Shadow Bias value to decrease translucency.


Known Issue #4: The shadows for the hair look different in Unreal versus iClone / Character Creator.
Solution: Lower the following light shadow settings to increase the shadow effect:


There is an option in the Export FBX panel to choose to Bake Diffuse and Specular maps from Digital Human Hair Shader, which allows users to export the material with or without the Shader Setting result.
You can find more details from Online Manual.

By LostBoys - 3 Years Ago
I tried downloading Auto Setup v1.2 today and I didn't see the v1.2 folder in the list of folders downloaded. This is what I got:
By Miranda (RL) - 3 Years Ago
Hi Mark,

Please check the webpage again, it shall work now. Thanks!
By langer_336542 - 3 Years Ago
After spending nearly a day with trying to update to 1.2 I have to say that there seems to be an issue concerning Auto Setup Plugin:

I was using 1.11 before and in order to get 1.20 to work at all, I had to delete all the cache folders in the project root directory (Saved, Intermediate, DerivedDataCache).
Before doing this it would not create material instances on import and create new materials for everything while not basing it on any master shader which looked quite terrible.
After applying aforementioned fix, the shader instancing started working again, but now the linking of base color maps to the material instances does not work (except for the eyes).
So I end up with a white character with normals, SSS and everything set up except for the base color maps.
The maps themselves are getting imported properly but the texture slots in the shader instances are not activated nor filled with anything.
So there seems to be a slight issue with the Auto Setup plugin, as when imported to Blender the base color maps link just fine.

Am I the only one experiencing this?
Adding the basecolor maps by hand of course is doable, but not exactly within the definition of "Auto Setup" Smile
By Bassline303 - 3 Years Ago
Strange , no problems here with CC_Setup 1.2.
By langer_336542 - 3 Years Ago
After some further digging CC 3.4 seems to be causing this issue.
All files I exported with CC 3.3 work fine, all characters I export now won't link any textures from the fbm folder to the shader instances when imported.
By Bassline303 - 3 Years Ago
Double Check that you have the latest CC_Setup installed :
Works for me with CC3.4 :


By langer_336542 - 3 Years Ago
I used version 1.2 and did everything exactly as with the old version of the plugin (Auto Setup 1.11 and CC 3.3).

I just found the solution to my issue:
When exporting my characters, the Auto Setup Plugin only would work for me properly when I used the "Embed Textures" option in CC3.3
In CC 3.4 this option resulted in the textures not being linked correctly, so unticking "Embed Textures" was all there was to it.
By Bassline303 - 3 Years Ago
What are your material setting in the UE4 FBX Import ?
I have it on "Make New Material" ... and Import Textures is ticked.
Embed Textures is off in my CC3 FBX export settings...


By Jeasy - 3 Years Ago
I just tried to get Auto Setup 1.2 in a Film based project in Unreal Engine 4.26, It doesn't show up no matter what I do. Is this a known issue?
Is there a work around? What am I doing wrong?
Try creating a Film Virtual Production project and try getting Auto Setup to work in it and try to replicate the issue please.