Downloading the software onto a hard drive??
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By wires - Last Year
I'm not really sure that I fully understand your issue.

Do you have the software installed on your C drive, or is it on an extra/external drive? Content can be stored on either your C drive, any other drive built in to the PC, or to an external drive (not really recommended but doable). During the installation process you can select just where you want to have your content saved, this applies to both default and custom content. When downloading new content the items will be saved in the location selected during installation. If your content is on your C drive and you would like to have it stored on another drive then the quickest and safest method is to first uninstall the software and then reinstall it paying careful attention in selecting the paths for your content.
By nrcorey - Last Year
Hello I was hoping knows how to download and run the programs on a hard drive instead of on my computer, I adjusted the download location for the main two programs ( Character creator 3 and Reallusion Hub). However for any other downloadable content it wants to download to my computer, is there anyway I can download them to my hard drive?
By ramsesduenas46 - Last Year
I can't use faceware plugin,for iclone every time that I open are getting a message like are missing file,but I was trying with the trial version,now is over and,I can't use,
I checked a lot tutorials in you tube ,and nothing good
Details pc
4GB video card nvidia
the seam webcam of the tutorial