How to make smooth locomotion animations
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By Gabulous - 4 Years Ago
When i record motion capture footage and record for example, different animations like "walk loop" and "walk 180 turn" and make their start and end pose as similar to eachother as possible, it doesn't transition into eachother perfectly.
It will basically look like the video i send with this post called "problem". 
Which is why i take it into Iclone but when i try to put a transition between the 2 animations it will make the character slide forward because it also transitions the hip position.
The only way to make the animations perfectly transition into eachother is by selecting the last frame of "walk loop", open edit motion layer, set as default, select first frame of "walk 180 turn", open edit motion layer, press default.
And then it will transition without any transition needed, basically.
But this will cause the slide to happen throughout the rest of the animation as shown in the "possiblesolution" video. 

Is there a function that i am missing in iclone to fix this? am i going about this the wrong way? am i on sort of the right track? or is this just not possible to do in Iclone?

Let me know when you have some insight or can help me fix this problem