does the iclone link only work with the dummy character? Any way to poses different model?
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By Ibis Fernandez - 3 Years Ago
yeah definitely a misunderstanding. 
basically the situation is that film scenes are done with the own characters, not with dummy characters. This was prior to this existing. So now all this work is already done but cant actually use it since the existing work can simply be used. In iclone natively you can create animation with any character ou want and later switch it to any other character. In this case it doesn't seem to allow a base character to be switched into a dummy character that will be compatible with CA. ..but this has been explained by Kylelee so I'm ok with that response. Well cant actually use this on my end at all since its g3 only and I personally work with g2 for its native 3d support and vector based graphics. If g3 could be done using vector i would provably use them more. Its still exiting to see the direction its heading though.
By Ibis Fernandez - 3 Years Ago
I was looking to test and see if I could transfer motion from my existing film work to CTA. current process involve animating in iclone and transferring the emotions to G2 characters. I was trying to see if i could so something similar with G3, but when I activate the Motion Link plugin I'm not able to see any options that would allow me to select an existing character in my stage. Instead my only option seems to be to "add dummy character". 

Am I correct to assume that maybe only animations created with this dummy will work? It would be nice if I could poses and use the existing characters from my work and use that instead of having to just use that dummy. Or be able to replace a character with the dummy if that's what it would take.

Note: For my G2 workflow I'm able to use Motion Live to capture the action, and am able to transfer the motions to the G2 via rLmotion fairly easy. (it would be a million times easier if you would enable the G2 character to accept the direct connect Wink )  even if its just with G3, it would be nice to work with existing animation as opposed to having to use the dummies to start from scratch.

By kylelee - 3 Years Ago
In this stage, Motion LInk just supported the CC3 character, but the dummy is iClone character also can use Perception Neuron to do mocap then live link to Cartoon Animator.
You can try to live link to the G3 character, I think the motion also applies to G3 character that will be more smooth because when you adjust the correct projection angle on G3 characterG3 360 characters have a smooth head to do the head turn. 
By rfbindl - 3 Years Ago
I may have misunderstood your question, but I was able to use the dummy character, apply all iClone motions to a G3 flat or 360 characters... with differing results depending on how I applied to the character actions or saved animations. I didn't have to use iClone characters, just the motions - the dummy was fine. This sample  shows differences I reference - on how you save the motions. I'm still learning and exploring, so I may be off?! I'm having some issues between registered CTA4 and motions, and beta 4.4 with motions, but I'll probably figure it out eventually. I'm kind of slow... but I'm persistent Wink