CC Digital Human Contest 2020 - Haoui Adel AKA HAWiiii_ - WIP
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By HAWiiii_ - 4 Years Ago
thanks to reallusion for this cool contest and for providing us with their amazing tools, these tools that maybe without this contest i wouldn't hear about .
I ve been planning on getting into 3d character design/creation for a some time and when i saw  this contest, I was like why not start now lets give it a try because finally i have a motivation to get into this field.
my idea was to create a realistic character inspired from Chris Hemsworth in the Netflix movie Extraction. I started first by collecting références of Différent aspect about the concept just to have a general idea of what i do need to model/ focus on first.
I started  with a Generic male on Character Creator and slowly tried to make the face close as much as possible to Chris, with small tweaks here and there the point here is that i tried to do every thing only character creator thats why i avoided exporting to zbrush and sculpting there, because my main goal here is to try and utilize this tool as much as possible and try to avoid using other tools when it come to skin texturing and effects or face modeling.
and I must give it to you Reallusion made a great job with this tool and the results that you can get is just awesome.

after i got this result i went in to try and play with the skin effects 

Now after getting a more or less Good result of the face it was time to make the clothing and the accessories  and for a guy that was his first time i got confused about how to approach this side of the character creation, what  I am used to is to extract geometry from the body and the n sculpt it until i get a good result, but this time i went with Marvelous Designer i picked the tool and went in not knowing anything about this workflow. Thanks to many great tutors around either on Youtube or on artstation i got started and blocked out a rough clothing that i was gonna take as a base to sculpt on it later on zbrush.

Now that i have a good idea on how this is going i started blocking about the accessoirises. and This process is the Most boring process ever and it was hard to stay motivated and that's why i made this post so that i must continue working and finish this before the 18th.

By HAWiiii_ - 4 Years Ago
Hello everyone this is an update to the Post cuz alot has been done to the character. i didnt have much time to do a post so i will walk through evrything i did in this reply.
as to the skin i did add some details i kept adding layers and them merging them until i got a result that iam satisfied with. Here is an example of the layer Stacks
And this also goes for the skin Details . this is the result i got
And also i did a huge change to Hair as you can See. to learn more about hair for games i watched a video by Johan Lithvall
here is the link this video is awesome check is out 
i then added a beard and eye brow by using Xgen and then exporting 30% as curves then used the extracted curves as guides for my polygon squares 
Iwas planing to added alot of things to the character and making it ready for animation but painting the skin weights took me more time than i expected so i decided to make only a turnable and no animation
 for the textures i did use substance painter and just slapped on some smart materials 

and while iwas texturing i was everynow and then testing the render with iray to see what i get with cuz i didnt have much time to focus on texturing