Features of Cartoon Animator 4

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By chatterbat - Last Year
Hi gang,
I was not sure from the description, but would someone kindly let me know if Cartoon Animator 4 Pro will let me import my own images and rig them?  Also, will it manage the lip sync or will I need to get Pipeline and Crazytalk?  Thanks.
By vepop - Last Year
The Pipeline has more features than the Pro.

By DanielC_RL - Last Year
The functions you need such as Lip sync, import images, Cartoon Animator Pro can achieved, you don't need to worry about it.
The advantage of pipeline is that it can be directly imported from image editors such as Photoshop, save with all your layers, and also can be directly output to Adobe After Effect. 
You can also check the Pipeline feature to compare which version suits your needs.

Remind you that the price of software is considered low, if you want to buy, you can take advantage of the various discount periods at the end of the year.Wink