CC Digital Human Contest 2020 - Vottaga
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By vottaga - Last Year
Step 1: sketching Danny, the human reference

I focused on the head just to have a base to work on, I think I'm not gonna sculpt as far then this point.

I've tried to simulate the facial hair to check better the likeness...Next step, make him orc
By vottaga - Last Year
Hi everybody! I've start to morph Danny toward his orchish version:
I decided to morph mainly the skull and the jaw, scale eyes and nose leaving them more human. I focused on reaching more masculine anatomy especially with brows and cheek as well.
Then I kept on adding details on subdivision levels and project my orchish Danny on the Character Creator avatar
Next step is to make body more anatomically accurate.
By vottaga - Last Year
Hello everybody. Glad to partecipate this awesome contest!

My idea is to make an orc drinking protein gainer, that one always focus on gym and work-out.
I've sketched a quick pic to preview how does the work have to look.

To make the character more friendly I'm gonna use Danny Lazzarin as main reference, face, look and body as well. 
Once made the 3D concept I'm gonna replicate it as Chacacter Creator 3 base mesh and later morphed to his orc version on Zbrush