CC Digital Human Contest 2020 - David Zavala
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By David Zavala - Last Year
Hello people, here is a wip of this CC contest projec t, it is the first time that I use this type of software, I am preparing a video timelpase of the process


I do the skin textures with Substance Painter, some texture projections, it takes me a long time to achieve a good skin finish, I spend constantly exporting and calibrating the render engine


I add details with alphas xyz, I am interested in adding more detail to the base textures


I move and modify the shapes, at first to eliminate any resemblance to the basemesh and secondly I give it the shapes that I want for my characters, I look for references to achieve different shapes.

I use the mesh base of Character creator, since I like more to start moving and sculpting from the beginning, I will use CC rigging later mainly to pose the character

By MiddleEnd - Last Year
Subscribing to this as I love your work on Artstation. One of your artworks there inspired me to start learning character modeling myself!