CA4 iPad workflow
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By robertstagg123 - Last Year
I am new too, but I exported five .png files from layers in Procreate. I used Photopea to import the .png files in, and into CA4. 

By josiahshepard - Last Year
I have an ipad and woud like to use it to draw animation assets, like characters, scenes and props. I'm new to CA4. It seems to be designed to link with a desktop application for editing PSD's so you can edit assets on the fly. Can anyone rocommend a good workflow for asset creation and editing on the iPad? I have Procreate and Affinity Designer on the iPad, but only free Applications like Krita and GIMP on the desktop. If I could link directly to Procreate on my iPad as my "launch PSD editor" in CA4 that would be ideal, but that doesn't seem likely. Any workflow examples would be apprecaited.

By vidi - Last Year
I use clipstudio , for ipad and Window
the ipad version  works exactly like the windowsversion and with the integrated Clipstudio cloud is it easy to sync my data 
I have no try procreate yet, in this case , because clipstudio is my absolutely  favorite drawing tool.

By DanielC_RL - Last Year
Hi Everyone, Our CTA Pipeline doesn't include iPad workflow nor the procreate yet, and we will put this in our wishlist.
If you used to draw in iPad, you could try to use such as Adobe Photoshop / Affinity Designer / Clip Studio Paint on it, and sync the computer with the same software, then it should sync Cartoon Animator perfectly.
The workflow is like what vivi said, and you can use your proficient drawing tool.

Thanks for sharing,