iClone Render not respecting Project Switcher

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By Zeronimo - 3 Years Ago
before rendering did you select SWITCH in the menu
By Lord Ashes - 3 Years Ago
I have a project which has 3 static cameras to provide varying degrees of far, mid range and close up shots. Instead of using a single camera and adjusting the camera settings, I decided to use 3 static cameras and use the project Switcher to switch between them. I defined the cameras and on the Project Switcher added key frames for switching the camera views. The problem is that when I render my project video it always seems to use the camera that I have selection instead of respecting the Project Switcher choice. What am I doing wrong? I am using the Render option from the Render Menu.
By Lord Ashes - 3 Years Ago
Thanks. I figured it was a option somewhere but I could not find it. Apparently it was in the most obvious place BigGrin