Looking for some help with getting a material transferred

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By browne.dave2 - Last Year
So, I have my characters - Genesis 8 - transferred into iClone from Daz.  Not all of the textures were automatically applied, but this was no problem to input manually. 
My problem is in trying to duplicate the look of the material properties on my character in Iray.  There are two complications.  The material I had been using in Daz made use of a metal flake layer, which I don't see anywhere in the iray settings in iClone.  Though, the main problem is the subsurface scattering.  I watched a tutorial that demonstrated the Iray plugin and upon discussing subsurface scattering found the instructor to by tweaking the kind of settings I was used to using in Daz.  I noticed that the setting of the material was called "skin-PBR" wheras the one on my character was "universal PBR".  It seems to have the subsurface scattering settings I need, however I couldn't find this thing anywhere to apply to my character.    
Is the UberBase shader from Daz not effectively emulated here in iClone? Nothing similar to it that I can use?  I'm used to using it with everything from skin, to cubes, to props.  
If this post is more appropriate for the Iray area of the forum i'll post it there.  though I'm not really sure what the problem is exactly.  The material effect I am trying to get is not particularly complicated, it has an unusually large application of sub-surface scattering, and a minute application of a metal flake layer to what would otherwise be very normal skin texture.  I was hoping to dial this in when I bought the Iray plugin, but It seems that I can not do this?   
Any help would be appreciated, thanks Smile