Is there an eye expert in the house?
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By Kimmie777 - 3 Months Ago
Update: There is a fix for it. 

My husband had some sliders on his computer that I did not. :-)

~ Kimmie
By Kimmie777 - 3 Months Ago
We have a head-shot character with eyes that do not reach all the way across. 

The eyes are labeled in CC3+ as "Custom Eye".   

I am guessing they are always labeled as "Custom Eye" because the character is from a head-shot of real person? 

The inner white area of the eyes does not go far enough to cover where it should. 

We have downloaded the plug-ins that we can find that *might* fix the issue.

It does not do any good to replace the "custom eyes" with CC3 eyes.

- They do the same thing on this character - not reach far enough. 

We have not seen a single tutorial video on this one so far.  

Has anyone ever run into this problem before?  And if so, how do we fix this?

~ Kimmie