Issues with DRM popups when using headshot morphs
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By mark.3dwards - Last Year
Hi all,

I just purchased CC3 yesterday and I'm having a rough start of it.

I keep getting the attached popups when I'm working on headshot morphs that kicks the product back to unlicensed and wont let me export etc. and puts an annoying watermark in the viewport.  Looks like its with the default morphs not the headshot ones perhaps.

I've raised a few support tickets but nothing back as yet and the 2-3 day sla is not much use when you in the middle of a project :-)

I had a search on the forum / in general but can't see anyone else reporting this issue, any ideas  how I can resolve while I wait for support to get back to me ?



By mark.3dwards - Last Year
predictably worked it out after posting :-) I guess stuff in purple means I don't own the morph and I had accidently used 3 of those from the essential collection rather than the headshot collection when i set them back to 0 the drm messaged went away.

That was seriously not obvious to me.