Headshot Skin replacement

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By hkhaneveer - 3 Months Ago
I find that working with the skin that Headshot creates for the face is confusing, because from the front it is pretty much 'perfect' even if the image doesn't correspond very well to the geometry that Headshot has created. In order to shape the geometry to better fit the reference, I replace the skin with a skin that comes with CC3 characters- but I don't necessarily want to keep that skin. Is there a way to preserve the skin that Headshot creates as part of the project, but swap it in and out with a different skin to facilitate sculpting?

Also, it would be VERY helpful if I could rotate the model while in image matching mode. There is a lot of unnecessary cross-screen clicking to switch views back and forth to adjust profile sliders and full-front sliders. Is there a way to do this, or is this a feature that needs to be added?