Can you use HeadShot AND SkinGen together?
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By martinortiz - 3 Months Ago
(Yes I see there is a thread here on SkinGen, it did not answer my question)

I am new, so am still learning a lot of stuff....

I went to use HeadShot with a CC3+ model, it did it's thing.

Then I wanted to use SkinGen to refine the look and/or add stuff (scars, tattoos, wrinkles, whatever)

There was no option in the SkinGen window to convert it to a CC3+ format, so I assumed everything was ok.

But when I go to the skin tab, all that I get is one SkinBase node, nothing else, I don't get the list of everything like I get when I start a project from scratch, don't use HeadShot, and I get that big list of things like hair and beard and eyes....etc...etc....

By animagic - 3 Months Ago
You can use Head Shot together with SkinGen, I do it all the time.

One thing to realize is that you first need to complete any work you want to do in Head Shot with respect to the initial face texture such as applying masks for the eyelids and hairline.

Now you should be able to engage the Appearance Editor. Initially you will only have the base texture, because you will then modify that texture with the Skin and Makeup tools. I'm showing this in the image below for the Skin tool. Everything on the right has been added by selecting from the options under the Skin tool on the left. After using the Skin tool you can then add any makeup. When done, closing the Appearance Editor will bake the textures in order for them to be rendered in CC or iClone.