Headshot with non-default base figure

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By tyler.vano - Last Month
Somehow I knew the minute I asked the question, I'd figure it out on my own and I did. For anyone else as dumb as me, he's referring to the "current" body type selector in the pop up that shows up. Easy to overlook and infuriatingly obvious once you figure it out.

Sorry, I'm confused. What is "current"? I don't see anything in your screenshot that indicates what I'm supposed to do, but I'm still learning my way around the program.

By animagic - 3 Months Ago
If you use Current when engaging Headshot, it will preserve the body shape.

Here I applied HS to the Male Heavy character (Human Anatomy pack). There are morphs for jowls, double chins, etc. 

By hkhaneveer - 3 Months Ago
Is it possible to use headshot to make a face for a body that has already been morphed? As near as I can tell, generating a headshot resets the body to one of the three defaults- male, female, neutral.
It would be very helpful to be able to do some forming of the figure before headshot- when you try to create a very heavy figure, for instance, Headshot tries to put it on a default base- much thinner- and the results are atrocious. Being able to use the default heavy male, for instance, which already has some basic facial formation for a heavy person, would hopefully yield better results. 
I realize that CC3 has some mesh sculpting tools, but they are not very sophisticated and doing detailed sculpting with them is problematic. Do CC3 meshes have enough geometry to sculpt loose jowls and deep folds?

By hkhaneveer - 3 Months Ago
Thanks! That's very helpful.