Help! Is there someone who can give me clear guidelines how to import my character to unity engine. Using verision cc3.22
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By cynsegura - Last Year
Do i need to covert first with cc3 to game base character. Is that right? There are many videos but i think they are outdated. I am using version character creator 3.22
By Peter (RL) - Last Year

Converting to Game Base is optional and depends on what you plan to do with your characters once you export. There are many export options, including using various levels of detail, so you will need to decide what options are best for you based on the kind of projects you plan to work on.

Also, if you are using version 3.2 you really need to update to version 3.3 which has added huge improvements including a new CC3 Base and SkinGen for generating ultra realistic skin textures.
By deidrereaystudios - Last Year
On the note uf updating... If going to unity dont do it as the auto import link is not working correctly.. I for one would wait until that is all updated and working correctly before updating.