What's New in Character Creator 3.3 & Ultimate Digital Human Add-ons

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By unit23 - 2 Years Ago
Miranda (RL) (7/21/2020)
In version 3.4, a composite Facial Hair content pack will be available. The facial hair system will be able to conform and animate with facial expressions. 

Hi Miranda, do we have a ETA for 3.4 yet? 

By Bino_S2 - 2 Years Ago
Bassline303 (7/23/2020)
Bino_S2 (7/23/2020)
These new 3.3 features are fantastic.  I'm really excited to start incorporating the new base character and associated facilities available with it into my projects.  I'm gutted I won't be able to take my new CC3+ skins to my existing project's CC3 models, (or edit my existing CC3s with the new skin system).  But I'm going to start migrating over to CC3+ soon, (start from scratch, so to speak, shouldn't be too hard).  I've been playing around with the new stuff for the last four hours and I'm impressed - I'm really impressed.  This stuff you've made just blows some other character creation solutions right out the park now.

Anyway - Thankyou so much - and congratulations.  Well done - and thanks for all the hard work.

You can easily convert your CC Character to a CC+ Character, under Modify there is even a batch converter.

Thanks Baseline.  I'd had a look at this.  I am keeping several costume sets live on my characters so that they can be swapped at runtime after export - inasmuch I don't have the level of hidden faces you would expect and my characters are wearing a lot of wardrobe....  But I've just given it another look and it's going to work.  All it looks like I will have to unhide are the parts of the CC3+ that can be seen by all the costume variations - and that ain't too hard.

Cheers Baseline.

[EDIT] - yes... I've just converted and made good one of my characters.  Took less than ten minutes.  I'll do more tomorrow - and I'll need to mess around in unity tomorrow - but this is looking really good.
By sjonesdc - 2 Years Ago
What is the difference between the Plug-in and 4-in-1 bundle for Ultimate Digital Human 4-in-1 Bundle?

Never mind....found what I was looking for!
By Thunder70 - 2 Years Ago
@Miranda-RL .Hi
I purchased the "Ultimate Digital Human 3-in-1" Bundle because I had not seen the "Ultimate Digital Human 4-in-1" Bundle offer (bonus included).
How can I buy it without paying for the same products
By Lucas Gilbertson - 2 Years Ago
Does the composite facial hair mentioned for CC 3.4 include hair cards?
By Bassline303 - 2 Years Ago
sibi_naayagam (7/23/2020)
I just updated my version and everything seems to work fine, BUT, why are the material options for everything greyed out?

When you are finished with SkinGen , untick Activate Editor and your Material will be baked , then you can use the material options as usual. As long as SkinGen is active , Skingen is the Boss :-)

By 0oseven - 2 Years Ago
problem solved !! I hadn't realised "all" other programs had updates, so now CC3 starts OK. Now to see if there are bugs when I use it ha ha !
By animatedbeing - 2 Years Ago
I  was on the fence on getting the Ultimate Pack but have decided to only get the SkinGen Premium. 

Ultimate Pack Pro deal breakers for me.
I own the CC Essential Morphs & Skin, Headshot Morph 1000+, and Adjustment and Balance Morphs. I can't find a list of the additional 198 morphs to see it I need them. I also have accumulated a lot of Poser/Daz content over the years, so I can create characters in DAZ then transfer them to CC3+.
I want to make characters of all skin tones but the make-up and skin packs are mostly for light skin. I've been able to play around with the sample eye shadow that came with the 3.3 upgrade to look OK on darker skin, but if I have to do that I might as well make my own make-up or transfer skin details from DAZ content.
The new normal maps are great, but I own a lot of DAZ content and the DAZ Genesis 7 and 8 base character maps seem to transfer well. See Darius 7 transfer image below.
The Human Anatomy Set looks like presets for content in the other three content packs. 

So my opinion. The Ultimate Pack Pro is a great bargain for those who have not spent too much money on DAZ Gen 7 and 8 content, but Reallusion needs to add a larger variety of skin tones in the skin pack.