Morph Creator: I keep getting this error:
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By crantic - 4 Years Ago
When I want to add a morph variation, I get this error: "Failed to import due to incompatible meshes. The import file must contain the same number of vertices as the base mesh."
I am new but a fast learner. I really want to use "Sculpt GL", an online tool at, to do my morphed versions. When I open an obj at Sculpt GL that I exported from Morph Creator or 3DX, I can see the number of vertices and faces displayed. After I sculpt it, I see the vertices and face numbers remain the same. Why does Morph Creator reject it with the above error? 
I added a doc and a  pdf of my screen prints.

By 4u2ges - 4 Years Ago
Unfortunately you will not be able to use that online app for morphing. Even if you overcome the problem with vertex count, the app does not preserve vertex order, which is another critical requirement for the Morph Creator.
You need a full featured app for sculpting with extensive controls for OBJ Import/Export such as Blender. And even then, it is a hassle sometimes.

By crantic - 4 Years Ago
Thank you! I think I will move on to using CC3 and Morph Creator for morphing for now.