3DXchange 7 Pipeline vs. Motion Live w Gear Profile

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By friday2sense - 2 Years Ago
Excellent thank you - you saved me some $$ on our already expensive hobby. And I probably would have bought Pipeline and never learned that I didn't need it Smile
By friday2sense - 2 Years Ago
Greetings, I have unpacked my Perception Neuron suit and am exploring the needed software options to get my mocaps into iClone. The Reallusion product pages can be a labyrinth!
I currently have iClone 3DXchange 7 Pro. The Pipeline upgrade is $399.
The other option is Motion Live + the Perception Gear profile for $699.
Am I correctly identifying the right software options?
And if you have used 3DXchange and Motion Live/Gear Profile for mocap work - what do you prefer and what are the key differences?
I know this is a teensy bit off-topic for the forum title but related - any feedback much appreciated - thanks!

By Kelleytoons - 2 Years Ago
You have two options as you noted -- if you want to capture the PN directly inside of iClone (using Motion Live) you need both Live as well as the plugin.  Otherwise you can export from the PN software and bring in via 3DX (you don't need pipeline -- the regular edition will work just fine).

I do it both ways but, honestly, capturing it outside of iClone is MUCH easier and works better, IMHO.  I've pretty much given up doing it in Motion Live (there are reasons you might want to do it that way, but it's SO much trouble I'd just stick with importing.  I can do into the various reasons and details if you want, or you can take my word for it :>Wink.

Again -- you don't need 3DX Pipeline (that's only for the OTHER direction).  The "regular" 3DX will import to iClone just fine.