Smart Gallery plug-in will not display
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By friday2sense - 4 Years Ago
Smart Gallery has vanished from my CC3. My Plugins menu shows only CC3 and iClone auto setup - no Smart Gallery. Of course there is no tab either.
R-Hub says my CC3 Pipeline and all other products are up to date, and Smart Gallery is listed as an active plug-in. I tried uninstalling SG and reinstalling. Still show in the Hub but not in CC3.
I just purchased Marketplace content and would rather not struggle with the old product download method.
Has anyone else encountered this, and thoughts on what I'm missing or a solution? Thank you!
By Peter (RL) - 4 Years Ago
Please can you try closing down Character Creator 3 and shut down your computer. Then restart and launch Character Creator 3. Does Smart Gallery show up under Plugins again now?
By friday2sense - 4 Years Ago
Hi Peter, it does indeed! I always need to remember the ancient Windows axiom: If in doubt, restart
Thank you