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By Eric C (RL) - 2 Years Ago
Hi everyone!
What would you do if you want socialize at the bar during the Covid-19 quarantine, yet for obvious reasons, can't?
Well, just replicate a local pub in virtual reality with Reallusion pipeline software!
Which is exactly what happened with Skehans, a bar located in London.
So let's pay a visit with a fly-through!

Even as a first-time character artist and animator, Tristan was able to accomplish the goal of bringing his friends to life inside Skehan’s for this VR project in Unreal Engine by using iClone and Character Creator. He organized a live meeting at ZOOM, and collected photos from his friends to create characters with Headshot and Character Creator.
And with the help of Rokoko mo-cap, Tristan's actor friends were able to perform in VR, helping him bring characters to life.
It's time to meet the voice actors! Guess who is who?

This story was also published on WIRED UK! Read the full story here:

By Eric C (RL) - 2 Years Ago
Hi everyone!

Hermit Collectiveis a pair composed by Lucas Gilberton & Carol-Ann Day. Their have showed versatile talents in voice-acting, art and illustrations. 

Does their voice sound familiar to you? As if you heard it from somewhere lately? 
That's right! Hermit Collective was the voice behind our Chakora bird from our "COVID-19 CARE Program - Stay Home Safe & Create"!

Apart from voice acting, Lucas and Carol has devoted much time on their third person narrative adventure game: Lampblack. 

To do so, they are building characters with Character Creator 3 and animated with Reallusion MOCAP tools. Finally, they connected these characters to UE4 via Unreal Live Link to complete their production pipeline for Lampblack!

Lampblack is still on WIP stage, but feel free to visit their website , follow their Discord and Youtube

Read their full story here and video below:

By Eric C (RL) - 2 Years Ago
Hello iCloners, 

80 Level had shared their interview with FYQD Studio. The interview covers the background of the solo game developer, Mr. Zeng Xiancheng.
The article also shared more tips on how to create the game with one person only. Don't miss the chance to get free tips from our indie gamedev guru!

Bright Memory Infinite: Solo Indie Game Development with Reallusion

ps: We will keep our showcase discussion altogether within this thread and the title is re-named. From now on, you can see every cool showcases in one single post.
Feel free to ask any questions, or share your experience in making animation with iClone. Our community members are here to help.

By Eric C (RL) - 2 Years Ago
Hi iCloners,

Today we are going to share how iClone had helped an animation studio to finish a COVID-19 PSA project in crunch time.
The animator, 3rd World Studios only spent 3-4 hours to complete this 45 seconds national public service announcement project.

In the past, they have to collect the audio and animate the character. This procedure usually takes back and forth revision before sending the final piece to render in Unreal Engine.
With limited of production time, they have deployed all Reallusion products into one cohesive animation pipeline: motion capture devices from Xsens, hand tracking glove, Live Face to mocap facial expressions, animation iniClone, and  iClone Unreal Live Link was to check the final results. How do you like the final results?

Read their full story here.

3rd World Studios is a professional animation studio in Pakistan.
It has released the famous Pakistani animated film " Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor" in 2018, and now it is also available on Netflix now. The CG animated film is set in the pristine norther region of Hunza in Pakistan and tells the story of the relationship between a boy and some unique animals.

By Eric C (RL) - 2 Years Ago
Hello iCloners,  

Have you played the legendary indie game, Bright Memory yet? Why is this game a HIT on STEAM? Because this game was built by one person only!

Mr. Zeng Xiancheng, founder of FYQD Studio, is the man behind this best selling indie game.
We are pleased to find out that Zeng has adopted Character Creator, iClone and Unreal Live Link into his game development process. In turn, has helped him to save tremendous amount of production time.
Prior to his game release in March 2020, we have managed to get an interview with Xiancheng, and also made a showcase video below. And we will update more stories and news about FYQD Studio for you to follow. 
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Latest visual of Bright Memory from his March 2020 release!

Read the full story here.