Facial clip duration

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By kylelee - 4 Months Ago
Could you provide a project for us for further investigation?
I will try to figure out your issue.
By pavsikakyj_785811 - 4 Months Ago
Hi. I got MOTION LIVEW 2D pluging to make long animation videos. By default the duration of the timeline is limited at 2000 frames. I changed the project properties onto 25000 frames, tried to record a video with MOTION LIVEW 2D and found out that while voice clip lasts for the full project duration, the facial clip is stil limited to 2000 frames. How to fix this? Ho to make recorded facial animation as long as voice clip? 
By kylelee - 4 Months Ago
I cannot reproduce your issue,
Could you make sure your flag on the 2500 frames?
As I know, during the motion puppet just records until on the flag end.
If you could, you can record a video and post on here, we could help you figure out your issue.

By pavsikakyj_785811 - 4 Months Ago
The flag is on the end of the timeline is at 25000 frames. Audio is recorded fully. Face animation in limited by 2000 frames. The recording of animation stops at 2000 frames.