Reallusion Character importation in unity 3D and motion with Perception neurone V2 issues
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By LMC2 - 2 Years Ago
Hi everyone,

I follow this steps:

1) i use unity 2019.1
2) i use AutoSetup 1.01 for Unity 2019.1
3) i import a character from character creator in fbx.
4) i import PerceptionNeuronUnityIntegration0.2.15 package for unity
5) i add the script Neurone Animator instance on the character
6) i start Axis Neuron and i use a test animation (Tristan's office)
7) i have some bug on my character... the neck the clavicules and the hands

Cf Picture (1)

Step 2 : following the PerceptionNeuronUnityHandbook 0.2.15

1) It is already in humanoid
2) I use to bone mapping
3) i apply the modifications to the avatar
4) staring again unity on play with axis neuron running with loop animation
5) Same probleme... cf picture (2)

Can you help ? 

Thanks you !

By LMC2 - 2 Years Ago

Answer from Perception Neuron Team:
Enabling the displacement option will add SCALING to the data stream, which we don't want in UNITY.
So disabled  Displacement
It's work perfectly !
By Peter (RL) - 2 Years Ago
Thanks for updating with the solution. This will be sure to help other PN / Unity users. Smile