Applying Iray Materials as Skin
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By danielmontaguejohnson - 5 Months Ago
Hello and good morning all. I have a quesion about something that I did a few days ago, but cant seem to replicate for the life of me. 

I was able to apply Iray materials to my characters different body parts by dragging and dropping from the content library directly onto the character. Now when I try to drag and drop the materials nothing happens. I cant reacll what character or skin, but all of the Iray materials worked. I was even able to apply different materials to different body parts. So I could drop the rust material to the head, the carpet circles texture to the legs and so on. 

I have loaded up all kinds of characters and changed the shader type to Digital human shader and all of that already. 

ps. I cant remember if I was in Iclone or Character Creator. But Im pretty sure it was CC