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By Eric C (RL) - 4 Years Ago
Hello all,

Have you tried our PopcornFX Particle Sequencer yet? Write a review and let us know how you like this plugin! 
This python-scripted plugin should be a great boost for every creators that uses particle effects.

Welcome to upload your videos on this thread if you have made your videos with this plugin. L
et's get more people to know this time-saver plugin!

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By james_muia - 4 Years Ago
I made this with the Particle Sequencer. The cool thing about the sequencer is that you can use one effect (in this case fire), and apply that affect to multiple body parts. So instead of having 4 different fire effects attached to body parts, you use the sequencer (one affect from my understanding) and select the places you want it to appear. This cuts down on the amount of memory usage from what it looks like. I haven't used it for anything else yet though.

Edit: On a side note, I can't leave a review on the 3D Marketplace cause it says I don't own it, which I do. ;P

By wildstar - 4 Years Ago
popcornfx is amazing and is one of the main reasons i use iclone. but it need a particle folow function , to make particles folow a path this is a must need.. more than a sequencer
and popcornfx have problems with 360 renders. generating heavy seams on renders .