Do I need 3d exchange?
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By tiff_n_peter - 6 Months Ago
Thank you!

By simonlspencer - Last Month
What about importing content?

Can we import gear for characters (such as clothing from Marvelous Designer) to CC3, and then export with the character out to Unreal, or do we need 3DXchange as well for this?
By Peter (RL) - 4 days ago
Character Creator 3 Pipeline will allow you to import clothing, shoes, hair and accessories from almost any source and apply them to any CC character in your library. You can then export everything to Unreal directly from CC3 without needing 3Dxchange 7.

However, if you wish to also import animations (FBX, BVH) or non-character props from 3rd party sources then 3DXchange 7 Pro/Pipeline will be required.
By Peter (RL) - Last Month

You won't need 3DXchange 7 if you just want to send custom created characters and motion clips to Unreal. This can all be done with iClone 7 and CC3 Pipeline.

However, if you wish to use our Unreal Live Link plugin then 3DXchange 7 Pipeline is required. 
By kavv - Last Month
I'm also trying to figure out if I really need to buy 3DXchange. I'm doing the trial version right now but I think I'm going to get the Character Creator Pipeline with Headshot plus iClone to lip sync custom characters. It seems like going from iClone to Unreal would give me further animation options after that. Is there a way to import partially animated iClone Characters to Unreal without the $500 3dXchange plugin? It doesn't look like the trial version will let me export any figures to try that out.
By Peter (RL) - 6 Months Ago

With Character Creator 3 Pipeline you can export CC characters and animations to Unreal without needing 3DXchange 7 Pipeline. However if you also wish to export props, other non-standard character types, or use Unreal Live Link then you will need to have 3DXchange 7 Pipeline as well.
By tiff_n_peter - 6 Months Ago
Hi everyone. I am just looking into purchasing the CC3 pipeline bundle with IClone7. My goal is to create characters and animations for use in the unreal engine. My question is, do I need 3d exchange in order to export the animations?