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By animagic - Last Year
Trimble has indeed killed the free desktop version of SketchUp, replacing it was some cloud-based garbage.

The good news is that you can still download SketchUp 2017 here:

Install this. It will allow you to convert downloaded models (in 2017 format) to an earlier version of SketchUp. That is, until Trimble drops SketchUp 2017 format.

It is infuriating that Trimble, who has contributed little themselves to 3DWarehouse, blocks access to the thousands of models lovingly created by others.  
By JimmyB7 - Last Year
pCon.planner easily converts SKP files to FBX, etc., and it's free.
By william.carey30 - Last Year
Thanks!  Will try.
By william.carey30 - Last Year
Hello All!
     I know nothing about SketchUp, except that I used to occasionally download a free 3D model from the Warehouse on 3DXchange. I learned to select SketchUp 2008, so that there was no problem downloading.  Now the earliest one you can choose is SketchUp 2017, and I can't seem to download anything.  The error message says I have to use 2015 or earlier, which isn't even an option.  I don't have SketchUp on my computer, and don't think I ever did.  What can I do to be able to download models again?

                                                                           Bill Carey
By william.carey30 - Last Year
Thanks, Animagic!