PopcornFX Sequencer (December Sample Script)

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By Eric C (RL) - Last Year
PopcornFX Sequencer ( Sample Script for December 2019)

In the last Python of the Month, the Reallusion Python Team introduced the Camera Dolly Zoom sample script exercise which includes fundamental courses on 
how to return object types, create useful message boxes, validate objects, utilize dialog callbacks, and more.

This time we'd like to introduce our fifth Python of the Month: PopcornFX Sequencer

PopcornFX Sequencer Demo plug-in can be used to easily and intuitively manage PopcornFX particle emit time and loop status without using the timeline. You can drag/drop selected particles to the item list, change their emit order, set delay time, toggle loop status, or set the custom life cycle for each particle. Press the Apply button to deploy the particles to the scene and deploy the custom settings.
Important Notice: iClone 7.71 is Required!
If you have any questions about the plug-in and the sample code, please feel free to let us know by replying to this post.

Relevant Fundamental Courses

Please be sure to start from the fundamental courses to help you understand how this sample plug-in works.
  • Table View - Create a table view -suitable for listing similar objects. 
  • Tree View - Create tree view -suitable for listing hierarchical objects.  
  • Plugin Window - Boilerplate for creating proper plugin user interfaces.  
  • Loading PFX - Learn how to load PopcornFX files by name. 
  • Handling JSON - Learn to load and parse JSON data that is saved to file. 
For more courses and links to other Python of the Month activities, please visit here.