3d exchange 7, sketchup, achronis and iClone 7?

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By Moonci - 3 Years Ago
I saw a youtube video where a guy downloads a picture of a fish in a program (he said it was achronis), he then uploads the picture to 3d Exchange 7 and then to iclone 7 as 3d prop.
see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUmfxvTPJhE .  The only achronis I can find is a program that copies or does a backup of your computer.  Another example of making props is a tutorial where you take a file from 3d warehouse with sketchup and upload that program in3d Exchange 7 and after cleaning it up you place this in iClone 7 as a building a landscape or whatever file, and place it in iClone 7 and it looks great. see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3t6Cy1BqOc&t=85s .   I can't find achronis and the sketchup isn't working because you must have a combination of a file made in a specific year and a version of sketchup made in an earlier year.  I've tried several versions and combination without success.

Does anyone know an up-to-date tutorial on turning a drawing into a character or making a prop using 3d Exchange 7 and iClone 7?  
By kungphu - 3 Years Ago
Headshot can turn a photo into a 3d head in character creator. Not sure about drawing to figure. That sounds more like Crazytalk Animator and not iclone.

Sketchup is all messed up with 3D xchange now since Reallusion refuses to advance 3Dxchange from the archaic 32bit doldrums. But our intergalactic Rampa found a workaround.
The link below is for free software:


It opens sketchup files and converts to obj. You can import the obj into 3D xchange and send to iclone. Great find!
By Zeronimo - 3 Years Ago
to turn a 2D image into a 3d Obj you can find Archipelis here
By Moonci - 3 Years Ago
I liked your video.  I'll check out the program in the link - thanks.
By Moonci - 3 Years Ago
I think the program in your link is the one I saw on youtube with the fish.  Much appreciated.