New hand-drawn animation
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By toystorylab - 7 Months Ago
Nice Wink
By Grumpsalot - 7 Months Ago
That was super restful TM and very well done. parts reminded me of Monty Python hehe. Sometimes it almost seemed like exploring a fractal animation. Just a thought but you may be able to integrate Verve into a project. It is a liquid painter that you can use in both paint and warp mode. At it's highest liquid settings you will see a constant flux. I plan on using variations of it as background video to simulate sfx. 
By gordryd - 7 Months Ago
Very nice!  Beautiful artwork.
By T.M. - 7 Months Ago
Hello everyone and happy new year! After winning third prize in this year's contest in the education category, I wanted to create something completely different: 
By Alolu - 7 Months Ago
Really great!  And the music was perfect with this!  Smile