imported mesh from DAZ ended up with parts merged together
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By lollosone - Last Year
Thanks, it seems that the issue is happening with multiple items. I export from DAZ using the T-pose from CC3, and this seems to cause the figure to have the legs too close, and this end up merging vertices both for pants, skirts or boots.
By lollosone - Last Year
Got this weird issue when importing a DAZ piece of clothing.
Seems that 2 of the elements got merged together; this cause the boots to have these "bridges" in between. How do I fix this?
By lollosone - Last Year
Thanks Kelley!
Is there any incentive in doing some work to fix the problem? I can just use the A pose, if that is easier.
I was mostly curious to  learn how do you fix the problem too; but at least now I know why it is happening
By Rampa - Last Year
For looser pants and boots, "Spread 'em!"

Having the character in a bit of an A pose is a good idea, to have the legs a little further apart to avoid cross-talk. Keep the feet flat to the floor though.
By lollosone - Last Year
I see, I thought you must have T-pose or the transformer will start to complain!
By Kelleytoons - Last Year
Rampa has the right answer (which I would have said, had I woke up in time :>Wink.

T-Pose, regardless of what some at RL say, isn't really necessary for most things.  I actually seldom use it unless I am having trouble with items not fitting properly.  But, as you've now found, some items won't fit properly WHEN you use it.

You'll be fine spreading those legs (sometimes, depending on the item, you need to REALLY spread them -- sometimes just the A-pose will work.  It all depends on how close they are to each other).
By jarretttowe - Last Year
Mike will ring in with the definitive answer, but my initial idea would be to export one figure with one shoe, and one with the other, reimport each seperately and add them to the content library then add each one to a figure, then save as a project. that would theoretically load both. worth a shot. But I really think Mike Kelley's youtube tutorials might cover this. Good luck and let us know what happens!
By Kelleytoons - Last Year
It's a weight problem -- the bones on one side are affecting the parts on the other side.  I have tutorials on fixing this, but they are mostly helpful for things like the crotch area (because you can only move the legs so far apart -- after that if you still have mesh influences you will need to get in there yourself).  I can link to one here or you can search my YouTube channel (or search the help file which explains it as well).

But for this particular thing it's just FAR better to reset the pose and import again, as it will fix it immediately (reweighting things can be frustrating and take a while depending on the particular issue, although it's a skill set you should have).