Audio device does not work in Motion Live 2D but works under create script record voice lol
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By Risey - 3 Years Ago
This problem has been around from the start and since its been so long its time I made a forum post about it.
Using a Focusrite 18i20 to record my voice under Create Script | Record Voice works fine...
But... when using Motion Live 2D and choosing my Focusrite 18i20 no audio is recorded, even the lip sync options are greyed out, makes no sense and it is not bugging me. I tried to re-route the audio using Voicemeter but that did not work either, I choose 18i20 as the default recording device in Windows settings and now I am left pulling my hair out, whats left of it lol....

UPDATE: Right so I got it to work in the most bizarre way that is obviously not intended, just in case anyone else has this problem, if you create a morphed face then use Motion Live 2D to record voice but there is no sound when you play it back but u can see a WAV file has been recorded in the edit page then all you have to do (lol) is click COMPOSER then it will warn you about some bone structure has changed with a message like DETECTED NEW MOTION IN CHARACTER and animation needs to be deleted first BUT DO NOT DELETE THE ANIMATION, click ok to carry on into composer then go back to BACK STAGE and now just like magic your recorded voice and animation will play back. This is obviously a bug that needs fixing as you do not have this problem using any of the pre made characters that comes with the software....

Any suggestions?
Windows 10 64bit