Rokoko Suit - Bone Structure
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By animagic - Last Year
You can export from CC3 as FBX, and I notice that one Target Tool Preset option is Blender. There is also Maya, which is close to Mixamo, I believe. There are also game engine options. One of them should be usable with Rokoko; you could check with them.

As CC3 is used to create game characters as well, RL has not problem with you using the characters in other applications. The only thing to be aware of is that if you use bought content such as clothing, you will need an export license for that.
By delock51 - Last Year
Hey, I appreciate the response. Is there not a way of just exporting my character from CC3 with the proper bone rig so that it matches the suits FBX bones? After paying $300 for CC3, I would imagine there must be a way.....unless there's an implication that Reallusion is trying to lock me down to their pipeline. Because if I'm looking at this correctly, in order to use the Rokoko with CC3, I would have to pay up to another $700 (in addition to the suit $2500) plus learn all the software just to do what I'm already able to do in Blender with a Mixamo character. How would I export my CC3 with the proper bone structure. I really hope this is possible. If its true, and Reallusion is trying to lock me in/limit me, would the solution then be to erase CC3's bones in the character and then try to parent the Rokoko FBX bones to the Character mesh in Blender?
By animagic - Last Year
Rereading your post, I see that you want to use Blender, so my recommendation below may not be of use to you. I still believe it would be the easiest way to animate CC3 characters with Mocap.

There is a Motion LIVE plugin for iClone that works with Rokoko, that would be your best bet.

More information here:

The plugin is currently on sale and purchase also provides you with a 10% coupon for the suit. You also get the Curve Editor plugin, which is good for cleaning up.

More here:

I don't have the suit myself, so maybe someone else can provide you with further information. One thing to be aware of is that Rokoko currently doesn't do fingers AFAIK.
By delock51 - Last Year
I'm thinking of purchasing a Rokoko suit for around $2500 and want to make sure that it works with what I have. I currently own Character Creator 3 and use Blender for my animations. Rokoko sent me a sample demo fbx animation that I was able to apply to a Mixamo character and it worked perfectly. However, applying the animation to my CC3 character did not work. Instead, I just get those red lines in the dope sheet. I notice that the bone structure CC3 uses is not the same as the FBX animation that I would get from the suit. Is there a way to export my CC3 character with such bone structure so that it could work? Any info is greatly appreciated before I make such an investment.