Quick Disable Asymmetric (L + R) Morph Editing Sliders

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By homemechsuit - 2 Years Ago
Thanks Peter! I am a new user and am loving CC and iClone. It is the second best method I know of for making humans. Wink

Group sliders are a nice feature idea. What I'm saying is more related to the core UX.

I want to hop around the settings nudging things and watch the character as their face changes, be a mad scientist.

If I have to watch the panel to skip over the asymmetric sliders, it is taking my eyes off the character. In CCs beautifully spacious UI, I have space for 8 sliders in that panel, so often only 3/8 of those sliders are primary to shaping the face. 

I'd like to not even read what the sliders are and just watch what happens as I go from top to bottom (I'm reminded of Adobe Lightroom's workflow). But "Sub Items" is a little too sparse. As a Zbrush sculptor, I want to work with everything you are giving me.

I realize the asymmetrical settings are important in the Headshot use case, and I don't think someone would mind turning on that level of detail for that. Is there a way to do on-body asymmetrical morphs? For example, hold alt + hover over and you can morph only one side of the feature. Nice for Headshot because then you are more directly matching the photo. 

I'll go a bit further because typing that out made me think about how asymmetry could be more fun in creating characters.

What I would like to reach for first in terms of asymmetry would be a more "global" facial asymmetry tool. One slider that adds subtle asymmetry across the whole face (or even other asymmetric flavor if appropriate). That would be useful if you did a symmetry sculpt in Zbrush and just want to add a touch of realism based on the subtle ways in which faces are asymmetrical. 

Also, sometimes I love the character I have made in CC but, ugly or beautiful, they seem a little too "perfect." Going in and adjusting the upper left cheek by 1cm is not that fun. Would be great to have some macro asymmetric sliders that are a one stop shop for slightly scrambling or "humanizing" the character I have.

Thanks for hearing me out, keep up the great work!
By Peter (RL) - 2 Years Ago
Thanks for the feedback. I have passed this on to the CC team.
By homemechsuit - 2 Years Ago
I wish there were a way to disable all L/R adjustments and just have the symmetrical ones. A toggle like "Show Sub Items" (which tends to disable all Headshot parameters btw).

This would get out of the way a lot of less commonly-used sliders in the "Sub Items"

"Asymmetrical (L & R) Morphs" is the toggle title that came to mind. 

I wouldn't do asymmetrical morphs till after I have the symmetrical ones together. I'd like to do all symmetrical morphs quickly and then do any asymmetrical edits.

Apologies if requested before or if I'm missing something.

I believe the general idea would be to have "Group" sliders that could be created anytime.
Like Folders, Group sliders would be containers in which you would drag & drop any existing Morph slider so when you change the value of the Group slider, the sliders inside of the Group would change their value accordingly and relatively to their current value.
These Group sliders could reside in a specific category, for instance inside a "Groups" section below the Favorite section.
A Morph slider could be child of several Group sliders. A Group slider could contain other Group sliders.