Cartoon Animator 4 Pipeline and GIMP
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By zweetnezz - 7 Months Ago
I have a quick question. Can I change the skin color of the Campus Hero characters? And if so, How? Do I need a PDS program, Krita or Gimp software to do it? 
By chuck_540530 - Last Year
Does CA4 pipeline work with GIMP?

By kylelee - Last Year
Gimp has some the limitation of saving a PSD file for Cartoon animator.
I prefer you using Krita, it is a free PSD editor too.
By twright240 - 7 Months Ago
Thanks for your advice on this. I am a Gimp user and so I was wondering about this. Thanks again. Tom
By chuck_540530 - Last Year
Thanks. I'll check it out.