Broken arm animation from Mixamo
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By XLAB - Last Year
Wow, no answer whatsoever from the community OR reallusion.

I've been exhausting tutorials and haven't figured the problem yet.

Could anyone help please?
By Peter (RL) - Last Year

Did you try using the default Xbot character in Mixamo when saving your FBX?

If so the FBX should have been auto-detected as Mixamo in 3DXchange 7 and  setup accordingly (see below). When this happens you do not need to do any converting to non-standard or apply t-poses.

I tried the process with the same Mixamo motion (Flying Knee Punch Combo) on an Xbot character and the FBX was auto-detected correctly in 3DXchange 7. I could then transfer this to iClone and it worked perfectly straight away so I'm assuming you are not using the Xbot Mixamo character or you are overriding the autodetection.

Do try again and make sure you use the Xbot as your Mixamo character and accept the auto-detection as shown above.

You can also refer to the tutorial below for further help. As this is an older tutorial you can ignore reference to using the Beta character and just use the Xbot.

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By XLAB - Last Year
Hi Peter,

Thank you for your answer, using X Bot from mixamo seemed to fix the issue. 
I was even able to use "Send to Iclone" button and apply it to my CC3 made model, it's working flawlessly Smile

By Peter (RL) - Last Year
Great to hear you have it working now. Thanks for letting us know. Smile
By XLAB - 2 Years Ago
I'm quite new to the whole Reallusion suite, so apologies in advance if my problem is rather dumb.
1. I downloaded a mixamo animation file
2. In 3DXchange i converted to non-standard ->presets to Maya Human IK -> Active Tpose -> Defined Feet Offset to Auto

Now I wanted the animation in my own CC3 model.
I created a character using CC3 and exported it (in several ways, trying to fix my problem) into iClone V7.7.
The animation imports but the arms look like fixed to Tpose.

I tried to repeat the process with different animations and they all have the same problem