Live Face to Unity
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By Scyra - Last Year
How'd you end up? Any luck?
By coach1 - Last Year
So it looks like that i had to "activate" expressions from hierarchy.. So i will try to export -> import to Unity...
By coach1 - Last Year
Hello! I try to record a motion clip with live face and a compatible iPhone and then to export this clip and play it over the same avatar (which exported from CC3) My biggest problem is how to find the recorded clip. And how to export it. I select export FBX but there is no movement inside. Actually i have never used iClone before and most probably will be something easy... Do i have to purchase curve editor?
By coach1 - Last Year
I forgot to mention that i have already watched the tutorial video : but in my timeline i dont have an expressions set (pictures below) But the animation in my timeline shows perfect if i press play.