The reason I left Daz for Iclone - DH shader with realtime renders
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Yes, quite nice. I like to say: we are almost there.
Regarding facial animation/mocap we just need to fix the eyes issue and visemes morphs which should act on a much larger area of the face than just the lips to be really efficient. And we are almost there because in both cases we now know how to fix these issues without the intervention of Reallusion.
Regarding rendering, it is a little bit more laborious. I've always thought Reallusion should have licenced a good working realtime renderer, a few years ago, we would now have results similar to Unreal & Co. and even better (because beside "realtime" rendering we can afford "fast" rendering of a few seconds to get even better rendering for "machinima"/"indie" kind of movie creation.). But again, we are almost there but this one needs Reallusion intervention though.
Crossing fingers, in 2020 hopefully we will see big if not huge improvement in the iClone realtime renderer (motion blur, better shadowing, true area lights, volumetric lighting and scattering, tone mapping, instancing, true reflections with raytracing, ...).
By Kevin L - Last Year
Welcome aboard very nice work,iClone gets better each version.
By ultimativity - Last Year
Thanks.  Yes, we can keep fingers crossed. Especially, with all the new graphic cards, etc being released next year.
By ultimativity - Last Year
Thanks very much.  Glad to see such leaps in iClone functionality.
By ultimativity - Last Year
Very pleased with an untweaked Default model with DH shader and Default DH lighting (I did turn the tubes into rectangles for this render). Looking forward to playing with the skin settings and the Hair shader. Great to get this quality in 3 minutes. Daz takes 3 minutes a frame. This clip is 15 seconds at 60 fps.