My MacBook Pro crashes during working with CA4
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By Life On Marzj - Last Year
Hi, I'm trying to work on my MacBook Pro (late 2011, graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB)  but soon after launching CA4 and I start working with one of the characters that are already in the program (so not a custom one) the screen turns to white with a lot of stripes and colours go thru it. I don't have this issue on my iMac. The macbook works great and doesn't show any issues in other programs like Photoshop. I would think it's an issue with my graphic card, but why does this only happen when I'm using CA4? Does anyone recognise this problem?
When the screen does this error thing nothing works anymore.. the only thing I can do is restart the computer...
I also tried reinstalling CA4...but the problem is still there..

Hopefully someone can help!
By garylearntech - Last Year
Check the system requirements, in case your old laptop doesn't really measure up or is, at best, borderline.

Scroll about halfway down this page and make sure you expand the Show More link to get the full story.  You might spot something to explain the problem…

Hope this helps!