Batch Convert FBX to iPROP
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By dassoubarna - Last Year
I have several FBX files(around 200) which I want to use in iCLONE as iPROP. With 3D Xchange Pipeline I can convert it to iPROP easily by importing one by one. But is there any way to batch convert all the FBX file at a time ?
By animagic - Last Year
Moonci (12/22/2019)
Any idea how I can convert an .iprop file into something that will allow me to edit it?

I assume you mean in an external program like Blender?

If you have 3DXchange Pipeline you can export as FBX from iClone. If there are DRM restrictions (which is the case for for purchased content), then you will need an export license for the prop.
By Kelleytoons - Last Year
You DO know that you can just drag and drop your files into iClone, right?  You don't need to use 3DX (you will have to have it, but iClone itself will just convert those files properly if you do).

You can't batch drag them, but it's really easy to just drag them over one at a time into iClone for instant conversion.  If you have your heart set on doing them all at once you can bring them into Blender and save them all out as one big file and drag THIS into iClone (which then asks if you want to import them as individual items or one big clump -- you would choose the former, of course).  The only problem there is getting them all into Blender, but it wouldn't be difficult to write a Python program to do this.
By dassoubarna - 5 Months Ago
I parent all models and export as fbx and import them directly in iClone. iClone detect them as sub-props. After importing I un-parent them in iClone and save them as a single iProp.
By Fluff_uk - 5 Months Ago
Hi Dassa 
Did you ever figure out Batch importing?
By Moonci - Last Year
Any idea how I can convert an .iprop file into something that will allow me to edit it?