GOZ create clothing not working when character is posed

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By Tapticc - Last Year
Hello, I start in CC3, export the character to ZBrush with Use Current Pose unticked (was in t-pose anyway), draw the subtool, T for Transform, mask an area, extract to new subtool (zero thickness), clear the masks, inflate, GOZ (All) back to CC3 just fine (Adjust Bone to Fit Morph ticked).  Everything is Update apart from the new extracted subtool, which is Create.

I then pose the character, the clothing subtool fits the character properly still.  So far, so good.

Then in CC3 I select everything and GOZ again back to ZBrush, Relink, use current pose ticked.  Everything comes through properly, and is posed nicely.

I then mask a different part of the body and extract as before, once extracted I click GOZ to send just the new clothing item back to CC3, only the new item appears and I choose Create Cloth (Adjust Bone to Fit Morph is ticked but disabled), then click Update.  The new clothing item does not fit the character (is offset) so I delete it and this time click All in Zbrush to GOZ everything.  Adjust Bone to Fit Morph is ticked, everything is set to Update apart from the new item which is set to Create.  Both clothing items fit perfectly but the character mesh is completely mangled and deformed.

What am I doing wrong please?  The video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_qDcvCda54 makes this look so easy but I have nothing but trouble trying to make clothes for a character in any pose other than a t-pose.

Interestingly, if when using GOZ from a CC3 posed character to Zbrush and untick the Use Current Pose (lose the pose but create a new clothing item) and GOZ back just the new item, it fits the posed CC3 character perfectly so the issue I have is how do I create clothing in Zbrush on a posed character and GOZ back to the same posed character?