Creating a Micro World Landscape Terrain 400m x 400m. Tutorial step by step. Iclone 7 -> CC3 -> Iclone 7. Applying substance. Basic fine tune the Scene.
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By snatolukas32 - 2 Years Ago
Hey guys, im new here.I decided to join this forum and sharing with You some of my ideas to Iclone 7, CC3 and other familiar tools. I had 3 crashes of my pc when did this tutorial, so thats why its in 3 parts and why is so long? i can be honest i didnt prepared for this tutorial. All my knowledge abt ic 7 is from reallusion lessons. My (COPY-PASTA) from my youtube.Guys this is my first TUTORIAL so please dont be rude. Im only amateur.I just want to share with You my ideas how to create your OWN landscape, area, terrain. I know its not perfect its not even close to perfect, but at least you dont have to use and learn another 3D TOOLS kinda Blender, Maya, 3Ds Max to create terrain. I had never before found any idea how to create beautiful world, landscape, terrain inside ICLONE so i decided deal with it somehow. i tried to do my best. Hope help you somehow.I also suggest to try make it Bigger kinda 1000m x 1000mWatch out when you dealing with Substance Resolution like me... i killed my PC few times during recording this Tutorial. Better setup to 512x512 i did this tutorialwith 2048 resolution of substance and that was mistake - ok i know i was on Highest realtime-render Model. You will find Everything in tutorial.These are screnshots from my WORKFLOW (Final results):Tutorial on YoutubeTongueart 1:Part 2:Part 3:Ask me for anything. Goodluck.