Waschtag-Wash Day, new IClone Video.

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By toystorylab - Last Year
By vlado - Last Year
so sollte Krieg sein, dies gab es ähnlich im ersten Weltkrieg als beide Seiten zu Weihnachten eine Feuerpause machten und den Liedern von den anderen zuhörten.
Originelle Idee.
By 4u2ges - Last Year
Quite original. Like the idea Smile
By jollyro - Last Year
A little Video with a story that might surprise you..
I uses IClone, Character Creator and Crazy Talk to make the Characters, that hopefully look a little familiar. 
Props are from all over the place, from Market place over DAZ to several 3D Download Sites. Blender, Carrara and Photoshop are the tools to help me make it fit the scene, 3DXchange helped to bring it in.
The Popcorn Effects on the water made my system crash a few times. The Uniforms of the German Soldiers are from the UN Tactical Playset, just altered a bit. I do not care if the Uniforms are historical perfect, not even Hollywood does. that. I just want to give the massage, hope it is clear enough. 
Its in English and German with Subtitles The Girls talk some spanish, because I could not find Italien SmallTalk. It is just for Background Noise aniways.Sound is made with Audacity and Audition, Video put together in Premiere Pro.  
Hope you like it. 


By justaviking - Last Year
That was wonderful.

Boys will be boys.  Wink

Thanks for sharing.