Issue when exporting LOD's from CC3 to UE4
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By oskdan - Last Year
Hi guys,

I'm looking into using CC3 to speed up the character design process for our indie game production.

The character design works wonderfully but I am having a few issues to make it work perfectly within our current pipeline..

My one Issue is when I export using InstaLOD it seems to not only lower the resolution and bake textures down It also re-UV's each LOD level individually..
This means the LOD layers don't share their UV space at all creating issues if I want to share textures and more down the road.

Here is my test export

I was hoping someone in here has run into this issue and knows how to fix this.
Currently I'm thinking I'll just have to export LOD 00 and then create the LOD's externally to keep everything neat and clean for production.

Also here are my export settings.. I made very minimal changes so I dont see it being an issue in there

Thanks for you help!