Is it possible by opening an iclone file...
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By johnwarndt52 - 2 Years Ago
UPDATE: I couldn't find any way to delete this post, but what I asked for shouldn't be necessary. Rampa just sent me the iclone 7.41 files. He's been very helpful throughout this whole mess. Previous to this, I just knew him as an iclone user who had some very useful youtube videos. Didn't know he worked for the company Wink
By johnwarndt52 - 2 Years Ago
OK, I got 7.41 reinstalled, and it seems to work fine. Big thanks to Rampa, for all his help.
Initially, I thought I'd lost three files that I'd modified, then stored in 7.61 during that brief time I had 7.61 on the doomed computer. Like you guys warned me, they wouldn't open at all in 7.41, and that would have been a BIG kick in the teeth because I'd worked for weeks on them, but thanks to my haphazard filing system, I'd stored early copies of them on a thumb drive that I then forgot all about. I stumbled upon it after much angry gnashing of my teeth this afternoon, and much to my relief, those files opened in 7.41, so it could have been much worse.
So now I get back to work.
By johnwarndt52 - 2 Years Ago tell which version of iclone it was last saved in? (7.41 or 7.61)?

And if so, could I send a couple files to someone here to run them on their machine and find out for me while I wait to hear from reallusion about getting 7.41 back on my pc?It went brain dead and had to have windows 10 loaded back onto it after iclone 7.61 FROZE it so badly it wouldn't even boot back up.

I'd updated to 7.61 a couple weeks ago and IMMEDIATELY started having trouble with my pc freezing, culminating a few days later in the total crash and ruination of an expensive windows 10 machine I'd bought solely for the purpose of running iclone on.

I may have neglected to back up a few files to a thumb drive the last few times I worked on them, meaning they might exist on that thumb drive in some form that 7.41 can actually read, and it would help me a great deal sorting this mess out to know while I wait for the gods at reallusion to get around to sending me the 7.41 upload.  I can't prove to anybody here what happened and I mean no offense to anybody who loves iclone, but I'm NOT using 7.61!! I can't risk this happening again, because it cost me hundreds of dollars to bring in a pc repairman to reload the braindead desktop with windows, putting me on the brink of homelessness.

This has been a total nightmare. The stress of learning and using iclone was already so bad that a long-dormant case of Crohn's disease recently reared its ugly head. Before I edited this, I described some of the symptoms. Hopefully you didn't read that. Nevertheless, I was making progress on a very large project that I would have never imagined possible before using iclone. Then THIS happens.  But I have nobody to blame but myself, for not listening to the voices in my head that told me NOT to to run that update. 

So if I could email a couple files to someone here to open on their machine and tell me what version I'd last saved them in, I'd be forever grateful. The anxiety of waiting is  making me sicker by the day. I just want to get back to work on my project. Outside of my art, I have no life.
By animagic - 2 Years Ago
I'm glad you got it sorted out. I'm sorry to hear about your experience with 7.61. It has been working fine for me, so I wonder what caused the severe crashes you describe.